Friday, October 12, 2012

5 reasons I upgraded to the iPhone 5

Yesterday I picked up my iPhone 5 and quietly powered down my iPhone 4. I chose specifically to avoid the 4S as it was a marginal upgrade in my opinion. Though I am quite happy with my new device. Here are the five reasons why.

  1. This thing is feather light. When it is time to retire this device, it will barely be worthwhile as a paperweight
  2. Slim factor. A bulky smartphone in your pocket is irritating and I'm a minimalist at best.
  3. Taller screen. The screen is a dramatic improvement over the iPhone 4 not only in resolution (the retina display is gorgeous) but also in size. Now nearing 16:9 ratio, the height also permits more app icons per screen and per folder. For those heavy folder users (for those numerous of apps added by your kids) this is useful
  4. Speed. I recommend you line up each generation of phones and fire it up, launch and app, and you'll see how fast it really is.  
  5. New maps. Yes, I'm really including maps on the list. Living in Toronto and frequently travelling to NYC and the bay area, data usage and map access has been a nightmare over the years. The one thing the new maps does extremely well in caching of the data. I can load a map in Toronto, land in SFO and zoom, scroll, pan with little need to connect for data refresh. This to me is huge and of all the ones on this list, the most striking for me.

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