Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is Pinterest the Anti-Facebook?

Pinterest is quickly becoming the fastest growing social app/network in terms of adoption. It is rather interesting as well that the growth of Pinterest is largely due to women (some say 80%). My theory is that Pinterest is establishing itself as the anti-Facebook. Here is my take on this:

  • Pinterest is very visual. Facebook has become too busy, too much content and text
  • Pinterest is naturally about exploring. Facebook is about updating
  • Connections in Pinterest are very light which is definitely the trend and has a very different mindset where Facebook relationships are much more restricted
  • Pinterest is about creativity and can capture the attention of an individual like a full page ad. You know that moment where you hesitate and take it all in. That's it.
  • Pinterest is akin to the grocery store checkout aisle trashy magazines. These are those full color, flashy magazines around celebrities, fashion, weddings and everything else
  • Pinterest is about branding and discovery. Branding is where the dollars are. Facebook nor Google will never be successful at this
  • Friends get annoying. Pinterest is a good distraction from Facebook.

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