Thursday, April 28, 2011

Was the Old Spice Campaign Nothing More Than a One Night Stand?

The Old Spice viral social media videos were a well executed social media campaign and touted as a prime example on how an old brand can leverage social media channels to build awareness of it’s brand. While the total numbers of views, tweets and mentions are impressive by any measure (including 55% increase in body wash sales), one could argue that they failed in a primary social objective of maintaining the relationship. As great as it was, it simply came to an endThomas Baekdel goes as far as calling it a one night stand:
“They essentially created a one-night-stand. Huge amount of affection, but the next morning there is a note saying: “It was fun, but that was all it was.”
The thing with one-night-stands is that it can be really exciting, or a terrible experience afterwards. It all depends on people’s expectations going into it. Old Spice forgot to meet people’s expectations, and let many people down.”
P&G built a base of over 600,000 fans and the question remains whether they are really fans of P&G, Old Spice or Isaiah Mustafa? I’d like to see that metric explored. Hate to think that there are 600,000 people out there waiting for a call the next day?

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