Monday, May 05, 2008

LinkedIn to start market research polling

Tom Anderson talks about how Facebook and Linkedin are entering the market research game. Linkedin seems to be the soon-to-be latest entry, though as Tom points out polling is not robust enough to provide real consumer insights.

Polls are the logical entry for any social network due to their simplicity to implement. Further, any more thorough true market research provides a much higher level of maintenance and sales cycle between the audience/respondent and research professional.  This is in part due to the historical high use of incentives for market research and as a result, becomes an administrative nightmare. 

Polls are single questions, no logic, and little burden for the respondent - thus no real value proposition is needed. I would argue that if you get people at the right time, there is an incentive for respondents to provide insights beyond a simple poll. We just need to get outside of the 'email panel' or 'registrant' way of thinking. More to come on this . . . 


Tom H. C. Anderson said...

Excellent analysis Paul. We’ll see how much effort/$ Linkedin & Facebook put toward this. But it wouldn’t take more than a couple million to start up their own sample or even full service shop. It may take a little while longer for them to build credibility and a good client base. All depends on priority and execution.


Dirk said...

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