Monday, March 24, 2008

What's wrong with Canadian politics?

Why is it that Canadians are generally more interested in U.S politics than in Canadian politics. There seems to be a genuine interest in the Obama and Clinton saga and on a daily basis I hear more on these two than I hear about any Canadian politician during any period - even during election time.

Obama and Clinton are both strong characters, well spoken and passionate about what they do and I am sure that the U.S. will be better off with either one of them. There isn't a bad choice - just a preference.

Sure Canada has it's own political debates though no one ever remembers them and the run is never very exciting. In fact, most people (Canadians and others) often have difficulty naming the current Canadian Prime Minister (correct - we don't have a president). For those still wondering, it is Stephen Harper.  

Maybe it is related to the fact that internationally Canada shadows the U.S. as the friendly neighbor up north. Maybe it's the fact that we Canadians don't have any real country dividing issues. The referendum is probably the closest thing we've had to excitement but even that was short lived. I believe the reality is that Canadian politicians have trouble finding that great dividing debate and focus on the same boring issues. Sure we have good health care and that it could be better, the economy is good, but it could be better. I'm just waiting for Canada to get a really dynamic and passionate leader. Does Harper connect with Canadians? Does Obama or Clinton? You make the call.

So for the time being, I would like to nominate Stompin Tom Connors for Canada's Presidency. There probably isn't anyone that connects and relates with Canadian more than he does. Just listen to his unofficial Canadian anthem. (and for your reference, here is the official one).

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Anonymous said...

The last 'dynamic' leader we had left the country on the verge of bankruptcy.
As to why Canadians seem more interested in U.S. politics than in Canadian: they just want to see how low and slimy politicians can get so they know what to expect during our next election.