Saturday, February 16, 2008

Director of First Impressions

Yesterday I walked into an office and as I approached the front desk, I noticed the little sign with the persons title. What caught my attention was that it was not something like reception, receptionist, admin, but instead it was Director of First Impressions.

It made me think how important the first contact or first impression is with any company. Traditionally it is the person at the front desk or the person on the phone. Nowdays it has extended to automated voice messages (please click 1 to speak to . . . ), email, web sites, and even blogs.

The importance of this first impression is often undervalued. The increase in costs is marginal to have a personality whether it is online, in an email, or even the person at your front counter. The additional time it takes to make an email more personal, or the expense of a superstar support staff is minimal over a sloppy email or disgruntled employee. Whereas the cost of a negative first impression is much greater. The problem is that we have difficulty measuring what this cost is - unfortunately salary and time often take a greater importance.

A great benefit of blogging is that it makes an individal or company online much more personal and connecting to it's audience and customers, and goes a long way to making a positive first impression.   

. . . by the way, I walked away with a great first impression.

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Anonymous said...

I liked the blog about "first impressions". The sign at the front desk is a cute way of addressing the importance of first impressions in business. How many times have we walked in to a new place and been greeted by stressed-out and less than enthusiastic staff?? It's frustrating and off-putting. With so much competition out there, companies need to welcome clients with 'open arms'. Thanks for the thoughts...