Monday, January 21, 2008

Well done Calgary . . .

Stephen King writes on Techvibe about Calgary set to emerge as a high-tech center. As he notes, there have been a number of interesting and successful start-ups such as StumbleUpon coming out of Calgary. (Just to add to the list Cambrian House, seems to be on the radar for great things.) Stephen points out the lack of large venture pools to take Calgary to the next level.

Being a Canadian and having recently gone through the funding trials for PopSample, I believe this may be a common theme across Canada. For instance, while Alberta is a mecca for oil and gas that continues to fuel a strong economy through in part with various tax incentives (and of course an abundance of oil at $100 / barrel), it would be quite impressive to see the governments take a similar and more aggressive approach with technology start-ups.

Albert Lai echos these concerns calling for a support system that includes access to capital and a culture with Canadian youth that leads to a start-up mentality.

Again, not to play-down some of Canada's great successes such as RIM and others.

It is great to hear some support for the Canadian start-up scene.

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