Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blogging as History

Blogging can serve many purposes, as a channel to voice one's personal opinions, to tell the world about your pet cat, promote your company/product, to evangelize your cause, or just a place to vent.   

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier takes a new approach as it tells the story of a WW1 soldier on the front line through transcripts of his letters from his duty. Two interesting twists are that these transcripts are being posted by the soldiers great-grandson and they are being posted to the day 90 years later. The reader can also follow along with the Battalions war diary that describes their situation.

The soldier's fate is unknown and readers must wait and check each day wondering when the next letter will be posted (or whether there will be another letter).

Today information and communication is instantaneous - everything from fax to cell phones to email - but the reality 90 years ago (which in relative terms is not very long) being the handwritten letter as a primary form of communication with mail delivery as the mode of transport.

We get frustrated if an email takes more than a few seconds - imagine days or weeks?

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